forgotten 일본만화사이트 in the shuffle: the cartoon

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Racism is 일본만화사이트 추천커뮤니티 an attitude of hostility against members of a particular ethnic or religious group. Why should Christians and Jews be exterminated to gain eternal bliss in Heaven with God, 72 virgins, crystal clean springs, and an unending supply of wine with no side effects if that faith is based on hatred and demands their deaths in exchange? Sura 9:29-30 and “The Event, Mecca in Sky” in the Koran). Isn’t it acceptable to despise something? Shouldn’t the truth be used to dispel hatred? Is it not OK to ridicule, insult, mock, and speak out against hatred? Those who believe these verses were penned by Prophet Muhammad should be mocked for it. These verses are to blame for 9/11.

Try to imagine this animation in the same way. Bush used a stealth bomber and a papal disguise to unleash a massive bomb on Tehran. Immediately following the September 11 attacks, George W. Bush said that he was launching a Crusade. While on their way back to Jerusalem from Constantinople in the 12th century, the Pope’s Christian army slaughtered every Jew they encountered.

They were knee-deep in Muslim blood by the time they arrived at Jerusalem. Christian scripture claims Jesus will command his angels to seize every non-Christian 만화사이트 – adult and kid and burn them alive because they are demons with horns sprouting from their heads, a tail wagging behind them, and cloven feet on their feet. Matthew 13:36–43) It’s time to laugh at Jesus Christ if he wrote the Christian Bible.

Think over this cartoon for a while and see what you can come up with. A stealth bomber piloted by a Jewish rabbi with a long beard is ready to drop a bomb that has the potential to destroy the entire planet. For example, according to an Old Testament passage from Psalm 2, when the Jewish Messiah comes, he would use an iron rod to smash 일본만화사이트 추천 every non-Jewish adult female child into thousands of tiny fragments, thus converting the entire globe to Judaism. Anyone who claims otherwise is ridiculing the God of Mount Sinai. Both Christianity and Islam include the Old Testament in their sacred texts. Because they read it in their Bible, all three religions now believe that when the Messiah arrives on Delta Flight 929, he will smash all non-believers into a billion pieces, like a pottery jar, and the people are following that lead, too.

For as long as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are in existence, there will never be peace on Earth. They’re told not to by their Bibles. Many of these Holy Bibles contain heavenly orders to kill everyone who doesn’t follow the teachings of God.

Even though these three powerful religions are leading you into nuclear World War III, God of Mount Sinai Himself, also known as Allah and Elohim through every Biblical Prophet and Jesus Christ called these Holy Bibles except for the Ten Commandments complete and utter feces right in these Holy Bibles through every Biblical Prophet and Jesus Christ. Malachi 2:2–3 and Isaiah 28:7–15 describe the Bible as dung and vomit, respectively.

People who were foolish and intoxicated wrote the Bible and signed it “God,” putting God’s name on their anti-God commandments that they had taken from Satan’s prophecy book. It is exactly what God predicted would happen today if these Holy Bibles and these three religions were not based on His Ten Commandments, which is exactly what is happening now. A portion of Isaiah 28:9-13.

The third nuclear war, which 온라인 일본만화사이트 no nuclear scientist doubts would result in the extinction of life as we know it, is here, and now is the time to prepare for it. Jesus Christ agreed, and he claimed that all of the Holy Bibles save for the Ten Commandments were poison that would lead us to hell. Also, the authors of the Holy Bibles, he opined, were nasty, poisonous snakes who instilled their hatred into the holy texts they authored. Matthew 23: Jesus Christ was the most blasphemous and heretical person in the history of the world.

Except for God’s Ten Commandments, the Holy Bibles contain human-made idols, according to God. As seen in the cartoon, God made it clear that people are not to be adored or revered. This is the fundamental difference between Islam and Christianity, in which Jesus is revered, and Islam, in which Muhammad is revered and worshipped as a god.

If Muhammad cannot be depicted in any way, where did that come from, and who said it? Not. The New Testament is Islam’s holy book, and there are several images of Jesus, the Muslim Messiah, throughout it (Koran Sura 3:40-43). There are numerous depictions of Jesus Christ in artwork, even though the Bible itself says nothing about Him.

At this point, it appears like we are all doomed to follow these three Holy Bibles into the nuclear conflagration of extinction. As long as no one wins, the game goes on. Unbelievably, the solution to this conundrum can be found in your Holy Bibles, where it has lain for 3,200 years! Visit The Temple of Love – The Planet Peace Religion for more information on it and how we can save the world by making peace on Earth a permanent feature of our lives.

That is if you can keep your eyes open long enough to prevent humanity from annihilating the planet in the not-too-distant future. You don’t need a rule prohibiting individuals from speaking out against hate right now. If we do this, the hate will continue to grow until there is no more life on Earth to fight against. Intolerance must end immediately, and it must end now. Make fun of hate and express your disgust for it. Getting rid of hatred is the only way to prevent genocide and the extinction of our species.

Anger, famine, and nuclear weapons are all ingredients for death. For a different result, you must modify the equation’s terms. As long as you don’t do something about the growth of hatred, it will continue to do so until your death. For the sake of our survival in the nuclear age, we need to bring awareness to and speak out against the spread 명작 일본만화사이트 of hate in our society. The use of force in war has been rendered obsolete. It no longer works. In the event of World War III, there will be no survivors. World peace is our sole hope, and we can never achieve it if we hide our true colors and write “God” on our racism as ostriches do in the sand as ostriches do.

For the sake of God’s name, do not kill, do not label people devils to be feared, hated, and slain because they are not in your group, and do not take God’s name in vain and sign in to your fears and hatreds. “Don’t kill.” Because we thought we knew better, we buried the Word of God in the sand. We were mistaken, and we’ll soon be proven wrong by every country.

If we don’t all speak out against hatred, war, and falsehoods right now, the consequences will be worse than you can imagine. The good and the bad exist in everyone, regardless of religious affiliation. You’ve already figured it out. Now is the time to think critically, and now is the time to speak out against hatred.

It’s perfectly acceptable to despise and mock those who promote hatred. To avoid genocide and extinction of all species on Earth, we must speak out against the hate that is spreading and replace it with love right now.